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A website overhaul to reach both B2B and B2C audiences
Blue Shoes Leadership

This coaching consultancy needed a full redesign to more fully represent their brand and their core offerings to both business and consumer audiences. They chose a Wix site for ease of future internal maintenance. By identifying 2 customer journeys we were able to create a site layout that helps both audiences find the information they need, and boost website conversions to discovery calls. Vibrant stock images with energetic composition boost the efficacy of carefully crafted text, with bold, well-placed calls-to-action that make it easy for their audience to take the next step. 

A new website for a growing theatre company
Pony World Theatre 

A Seattle-based theatre company needed an updated website to better interact with audience and artist partners. In addition to a website aesthetic that reflected their unique company aesthetic, priorities included budget and the ability to easily self-maintain the site in the future.  We chose a Wix platform for its accessible editing interface. The design highlighted the brand colors, the unique typewriter font featured in their logo, and the stunning production and press photography that the company already had.

A redesign for an organization with bold goals
The Art of Alzheimer's

This Northwest nonprofit needed a fresh design to support their increase in programming and exhibitions, and to reach new audiences. We moved their previous Wordpress site, including a significant blog component, to a new Wordpress template that maximized their bold brand colors and existing photos of original art. We opted for bold primary colors to reflect their logo and a clean, simple design to increase accessibility and promote use across a wide range of audience age and digital literacy levels.

A fresh design for a freelance business launch
Erudite Imp

A Seattle-based writing consultant needed a website to support their growing freelance business with an engaging and informative website for new prospects. After working together to develop and specify the brand direction, we created a site that uses a striking combination of serifed fonts, ink splotch art, and animated elements to add visual interest and humor to a text-heavy site.



A brand video to promote business partnerships
The Elliott Bay Book Company

This  longtime independent retailer was looking to create a company overview that would highlight the organization's rich history and powerful growth for potential corporate and business partners.

Time constraint and budget were a factor, so by using existing photography and logo assets, and in-house voiceover from Dropped Aitch Productions, we were able to create a detailed and powerful statement about the company's history and future on deadline and within budget specifications. 

"It definitely gave our ticket sales a boost."
- Steph, executive producer
A sizzle reel to attract new audiences
Let's All Drink & Do Broadway

A newcomer company to the Seattle theatre scene wanted a shorty, snappy sizzle reel video to post on their social media platforms as part of a ticket sales campaign ahead of upcoming shows. Budget was a consideration, so by using existing b-roll from a previous performance series, we were able to create a video teaser of what potential audience members might enjoy at an upcoming performance.

A demo video to educate leads & prospects
Olympic Systems, Inc.

This client needed a way to promote a specific function of their software product, while still clearly displaying the features and workflow. By combining screencapture footage of the software at work with a VO & audio track to drive energy and keep viewers engaged, they now have a clear and professional way to share this element of their product's functionality.

Brand videos to win hearts & minds
Curves in Bloom

A brand-new Seattle body positivity conference needed to educate potential audience about the event and its highlights. Budget and time were both guiding factors. By utilizing stock videography and existing photos in the overview video, we were able to meet a quick turnaround. Later, we were able to use the organization's staff as part of a video shoot to create a video series focusing on the empowering and meaningful benefits of this event. 




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