social media management

Expand your audience and
deepen relationships 
Social media can get you great results in your audience engagement-- but it needs to be authentic, frequent, and consistent in order to let your organization shine. 
Our social media management packages take the guesswork out of what to post, when to post it, and how often you should be engaging with your audience.
Not sure where to get started? Talk to us about platform and posting frequency recommendations tailored to your organization's marketing goals.

social media management

Your custom social media plan can include:

A content strategy designed to support your high-level marketing goals, with a detailed content calendar for all platforms

Baseline account audit to evaluate & optimize profile/bio content, timeline/feed content, images, and account settings

Competitor analysis

Carefully crafted text for each platform you utilize

Optimized graphics to perform in a variety of settings

Fully managed posting

Faciliation of live content (Facebook & Instagram)

Coaching on best practices for staff who post on company social accounts

Monitoring of comments, mentions, and direct messages

Quarterly social performance reports to track KPIs and goals

What you get with our social media plans
We write or finesse your content to achieve consistent & effective brand voice and ideal content length for your chosen platforms.
We ensure visually appealing content by optimizing your images for your chosen platforms.
We determine the most effective posting times & dates, and then schedule your content for those high-performance times.
We provide quarterly performance reports on how your current strategy is performing, with insights about your audience engagement. 
We monitor social media platform updates, trends, and news, to help you continue to engage with your audience in the most effective way possible.
social media consulting

Let us help your team refine their skills & strategy.

Whether your social media team is your hardworking employees, dedicated volunteers, or yourself, we can provide training and guidance to help build a sustainable social strategy for success.

Our social training program is custom, 1:1 or small-group training that directly addresses your organization's identity and goals-- this isn't a one-size fits all tutorial. We'll address:

  • Current best practices on the major social channels

  • Recommendations on which channels will serve your goals

  • How to optimize text and content for each channel

  • How to utilize a scheduling tool to pre-load your social campaigns for better performance and efficiency

  • How to create a content calendar that your social media team can use for shared success.

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