VOL. 1: Jen's C-Tips for COVID-19 Communications

Updated: Mar 23

JEN'S C-TIPS --3/19/20 -- 1:30pm PT

Our longtime colleague Jennifer Rice of Rice PR LLC has started offering 1-3 high-level communications tips to help nonprofit arts groups in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties of Washington state cope with the impacts of COVID-19. Jen has graciously given us permission to reprint her tips here in the hopes that arts nonprofits elsewhere may find this helpful. Please consider adjusting the timeline or regional implications to reflect the specific consequences of COVID-19 in your arts community.

  1. Consider low/no direct ticket sales outreach via email/social media until 3/30 (engagement is good, but sales messages aren't resonating).

  2. Don't send press releases on rescheduled/cancelled events before 3/30 (everyone already knows/assumes so it's just clutter).

  3. STOP hosting any sort of rehearsals/gatherings with more than a few people (it will reflect poorly on your org if word gets out).


Contact Jen if you want to brainstorm your own nuances: (206) 450-7054 /

rice1234 [at] yahoo.com

Disclaimer: All tips are Jen's personal opinion & based on her own Arts/Crisis PR experience.

This content was originally published on Market the Arts Task Force group on Facebook and is republished here with Jen's permission. Are you a nonprofit located in King, Snohomish, or Pierce county? Consider joining the group!

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