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Let's talk about how social media & email marketing can advance your organizational goals and stay within your budget.

Free Resources for our Nonprofit Community

To our nonprofit friends-- we understand that COVID-19 is hitting you really hard, and that many of you are working hard to keep your staff employed, deal with financial shortfalls, and a rapidly changing new reality.

We're pulling together some of our resources and templates to give away for free here. Please feel free to utilize them and share them with other nonprofit organizations.


If you have suggestions of other resources/templates that would be helpful, please let us know on social (@droppedaitch) or email Julia [@]

Digital Marketing Content Planning Calendar

Want to improve how your org plans and schedules digital marketing content? 


We're spreadsheet people (surprise, surprise) and we've created a blank content calendar template in Google Docs that your organization can utilize. 

You can customize the fields to list the platforms and marketing channels that your organization uses. The calendar also includes a starting selection of diverse holidays for more thoughtful and sensitive marketing planning (although we know we likely missed some, so please feel free to let us know if you'd like to see something represented).


We understand that nonprofits need a results-based digital strategy that stays on budget and meets the approval of your leadership and board. A great digital marketing strategy can boost your donations, improve event attendance, raise organizational awareness, and build a dedicated following.

Social Media 

Our custom social media packages can include:


  • Developing an annual social strategy across multiple platforms;

  • A social media audit to update account graphics, settings & messaging to meet current best practice standards;

  • Guidance on what types of  posts should go on which platforms, at what frequency;

  • Fully managed posting & account moderation;

  • Management of social ad campaigns for your specific goals (ticket sales, program enrollment, increased awareness, etc.)

Social Media + Email

Don't let your email marketing languish while social soars! A good digital marketing strategy uses both of these key tools in concert with each other. An effective email strategy can improve your email open and conversion rates.

Your custom social + email package can include any of the social elements above, plus:

  • Email messaging strategy for your chosen goal(s), like driving website traffic, re-engaging lapsed subscribers, introducing new programming, and more.

  • Fresh template designs for a sharp, brand-consistent look

  • Well-crafted email text for each audience

  • Audience segmentation for better engagement

  • A/B testing to identify the most effective messages

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