Nonprofit Digital Marketing Services

Let's talk about how social media & email marketing can advance your organizational goals and stay within your budget.

We understand that nonprofits need a results-based digital strategy that stays on budget and meets the approval of your leadership and board. A great digital marketing strategy can boost your donations, improve event attendance, raise organizational awareness, and build a dedicated following.


Social Media 

Our custom social media packages can include:


  • Developing an annual social strategy across multiple platforms;

  • A social media audit to update account graphics, settings & messaging to meet current best practice standards;

  • Guidance on what types of  posts should go on which platforms, at what frequency;

  • Fully managed posting & account moderation;

  • Management of social ad campaigns for your specific goals (ticket sales, program enrollment, increased awareness, etc.)

Social Media + Email

Don't let your email marketing languish while social soars! A good digital marketing strategy uses both of these key tools in concert with each other. An effective email strategy can improve your email open and conversion rates.

Your custom social + email package can include any of the social elements above, plus:

  • Email messaging strategy for your chosen goal(s), like driving website traffic, re-engaging lapsed subscribers, introducing new programming, and more.

  • Fresh template designs for a sharp, brand-consistent look

  • Well-crafted email text for each audience

  • Audience segmentation for better engagement

  • A/B testing to identify the most effective messages

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