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Julia Beers

Julia Beers

founder & creative director

Hello! I’m Julia, founder of Dropped Aitch Productions, now in its sixth year of delivering digital marketing results. 

There's a lot of chatter about 'storytelling' in marketing these days. I'm here to share what actually works, because I actually have a degree in it (thank you, B.A. Theatre).

I've been working in marketing for nonprofit organizations, software solutions, and independent brick-and-mortar retailers for over 10 years. In that same decade, I've also been working as a performing artist on stages and studios around the Pacific Northwest. And let me tell you-- there's no better way to hone your story and narrative skills than in situations where the audience can, quite literally, choose to stay or go. The stakes are high--and the insight invaluable.

I apply my expertise in crafting compelling narratives to digital marketing tools that can help organizations build authentic connections to their audiences, grow their fans and customers, and deliver conversions. 

Dropped Aitch is hiring in 2020! Looking for innovative content marketers, social media marketers, and people with expertise in video marketing & website design. Willing to create a position for the right combination of skills. Is this you? Get in touch with us.

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