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also pictured: office assistant & chief dog Orpheus.

Julia Beers

Julia Beers

founder & creative director

Hello! I’m Julia, founder of Dropped Aitch Productions, now in its fifth year of creating compelling marketing. 

I've been working in marketing for nonprofit organizations, software solutions, and independent brick-and-mortar retailers for over 10 years, as well as working as a performing artist on stages and studios around the Pacific Northwest.


My imagination and storytelling skills help me create an authentic connection between your organization and your audience. 

Val Brunetto

content marketing manager

Val specializes in word-of-mouth marketing with skills in social media and public relations. She has over eight years of experience in non-profit marketing and earned her MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University. Her thesis on word-of-mouth marketing was published in American Journal of Arts Management.


Val is thrilled to join the Dropped Aitch team! And, yes, she would like to pet your dog.

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